Petra van Noort



I feel (and think*) I want to own a barn that is an open space, with a sprung wooden floor, to fill with rehearsals, performances, classes, an occasional exhibit, people, occasional community events…

This is a space in my imagination –so far-, and in downtown Vinalhaven it exists, though not owned and operated* by me: their community theater is a big barn!

So far I’ve mostly imagined this barn in upstate New York, or possibly near Barcelona…


*nervous about the burden of responsibilities; maybe I would like to hire someone else to operate/ run/ implement, so I can spend more time being a co-creator, participant?


Latest update: voila, well-manifested, I must be getting close: I’m writing this sitting at a shared picnic table in the barn at Sparrow Farm, whilst co-creating with an awesome community of artists….


P.S. Oh, and someone else is cooking the lobster dinner tonight ;-)


P.P.S. Do I really need a barn?