Ladan Bahmani

Zayandeh Rood


The sparkling reflection of the sun in the quarry in Vinalhaven, Maine reminds me of the beautiful river in my home town Esfahan, in central Iran. The name of the river is Zayandeh Rood, meaning “Life Giver.” This river was the main tourist attraction of this historical town and the water was used by many farmers living close to the town.

Zayandeh Rood is now dried because of various reasons. Farmers are struggling and people in town are upset about this situation. There have been various demonstrations by farmers asking for some management to keep this river alive. The death of this river means the death of many farms and changes in the ecosystem of the town.


The reflections of the sun on the water reminds me of the days and nights I walked by this river. It reminds me of all the people who are still hopeful in getting back what they dearly loved about this town; one of the reasons why Esfahan was initially built. It reminds me of the happy memories of passing the bridges over the river while staring at the water and listening to its beautiful sound.